Shourov Hasan

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Well, I have not introduced myself yet. My name is Shourov. I am in 22, five-foot-five, 50 pounds. I am grateful for the advantages of lifestyles to have bestowed upon me. I am a scholarly amended and temperament. I do not prefer to trade the world; what I choose to do simply change the shoddy people. Also, I am a freelancer, loves to do Search Engine Optimization Work.

SEO Skill Assessment 7.8 according to Fiverr and Certified by Udemy

I have given an SEO test and achieved 7.8 at Fiverr, and also I have completed SEO courses and got a certificate by Udemy.



Latest Client Work!

Project One

WordPress website setup

Project Two

search engine optimization

Project Three

photo retouch

My Amazing Clients:

I know a customer never will buy because of product features. They purchase as they see some “advantage” to those features.

What People Say About Me

I have purchased this before and will continue buying this service. It’s amazing!

Britteny Simmons


favorite of mine

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like artist.”

- shourov

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